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White Widow Seeds


(100 seeds)

White Widow Seeds



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What are White Widow Seeds:


Although the exact origin of the strain is shrouded in mystery, we can guarantee the original White Widow is a Dutch classic, grown for the first time in the Netherlands.
The original White Widow was created when a Sativa landrace from Brazil was pollinated by an indica hybrid from southern India. Furthermore, according to legend, WW was the result of years of selecting and breeding in the mountains of Kerala to produce resin-rich marijuana plants.
Since the original release back in the ‘90s, White Widow seeds have been dispersed around the globe, which has led to numerous variants on the original strain. Now, most reputable seedbanks will feature a version of WW,

More about White Widow Seeds:

Furthermore. The effects of smoking White Widow are consistent with that of the best Sativa-dominant plants, offering users a steller, almost psychedelic high. Smokers will feel this in their head, with a cerebral wave washing over them. The flavor is clean and pine-fresh, with a hint of citrus on the exhale, making for an invigorating and tasty smoke experience.e isn’t just another WW variety; it offers old-school genetics in a next-gen experience that you won’t soon White Widow Seeds online

Basics about White Widow Seeds

Plant type Feminized
Sativa or Indica 40% – 60% Indica dominant
THC Level High at 18%
CBD (Medical) Medium
Height Average (80/120 cm – 32″/47″)
Yield High (400/500 gr/m² – 14/18 oz/11ft²)
Flowering period Average (60 days)
Climate Sunny / Mediterranean
Good for Indoor, Medical, Beginner

Why you should buy White Widow Seeds from us:

Over the years, thousands of marijuana strains have been discovered, hybridize, and smoked. No strain may carry the same legendary status as White Widow. The origin of this strain remains a mystery to this day. Furthermore, 420-greenhouse offers White Widow Seeds in it’s purest form.


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