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The Grunk


Settling right into a moderate potency range with an average of 22% THC, The Grunk is best reserved for more experienced users.

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About The Grunk

No one knows where The Grunk came from, but we appreciate the straightforwardness in which she was named. A cross between Grape Ape and Skunk #1, this Sativa-dominant strain sometimes simply goes by “Grunk.” Most people use The Grunk in wax form and in this delivery method it’s referred to as Earwax.

Settling right into a moderate potency range with an average of 22% THC, The Grunk is best reserved for more experienced users. Her nugs will likely spark a bit of excitement upon first glance, as they are very furry with thick pistils, a dusting of trichomes, and a sticky coating of resin. If you’re opposed to strong cannabis odors, this gal won’t be for you, as she has a reputation for clearing a room quite easily. Both flavors and aromas take on a blend of skunk and grape (again, her genetics are very clear), and instantly become a love it or hate it situation.

Despite the fact that The Grunk is slightly stronger when it comes to Sativa attributes, it’s a strain that does offer a fairly well-balanced high. Users will initially note that a sensation of euphoria washes over them, and for some, social tendencies might increase a bit. In general, the high is very clear-headed yet doesn’t necessarily impart excess amounts of energy. Eventually, most individuals succumb to her relaxing ways and will settle into their couch for the latter portion of the afternoon.

While most strains are adept at soothing medical issues that include depression and pain, The Grunk tackles some other concerns first. This strain will likely bring about an intense case of the munchies, so individuals who struggle with a loss of appetite or even nausea would be wise to take a few puffs before lunchtime. The Grunk could potentially be utilized toward the evening time as well to help curb insomnia, but keep in mind that you might be waiting a bit before you feel sedated enough to sleep.

By all accounts, it seems that The Grunk would be a nice addition to one’s home garden, yet locating seeds of this unique strain is a tall order to fill. Rumor has it that she does better outside, however, if you do decide to cultivate this bud indoors, remember that she can get very tall. The Grunk matures in about 9 weeks and is said to produce a large yield.

If you can handle super intense flavors and really want to experience an awesomely balanced high, The Grunk may become one of your new favorite strains. The body buzz she produces toward the end of your journey may be too intense for some, so we suggest trying it for the first time on a day when there’s not much going on.

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