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OG kush oil


(10 grams)

OG kush Indica-dominant crossbreed of the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg strains. Up to 86% THC oil. Flavor Profile: Unmistakable OG with woodsy and subtle pine flavors accompanied by citrus and spicy undertones. The Effects: With uplifting euphoric vibes and deep body relaxation, OG Kush is like a classic album providing your greatest hits. • All natural, ultra-refined cannabis oil • CO2 extracted and terpene enhanced • Glycol and solvent-free •
Effect such as
Uplifted,Euphoric,with it medical uses such as:
Stress, Insomnia, Fatigue, Pain, Depression and more.




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What is OG Weed?.buy OG kush oil online

It’s regarded as the founding father of a wide range of various West Coast marijuana strains. Additionally, it’s one of the most popular and used strains of cannabis. OG Weed is also is an aromatic and delicious weed that appeals to patients and also stoners. It has a wide range of healing properties and it creates an intense euphoric OG kush oil online

Background and History

The genetics of this Kush goes back to cannabis varieties from West Coast. Although its origins remain a big mystery, OG Kush was first used in Los Angeles around 1995. The strain has many phenotypes some of which include Diablo OG, SFV OG, Tahoe OG, and Ghost OG. It’s cherished by users because of its euphoric effect and an earthy lemon-like scent.

Aroma and Appearance

OG Kush has an intense fresh scent that’s reminiscent of an earthy, piney or woodsy aroma. Its flavor has sweet undertones of citrus, lemon, or lime fruit in addition to a spicy-like twist. Its flavor will instantly hit your taste buds. Physically, it has a green-yellow lead along with red-orange pistils. OG Kush is a leafy green that has densely-coated trichomes and large buds. If you are looking for a Kush strain with heavy THC content, this strain here is the OG.

Growing Info of OG Kush

Growers investing in this type of Kush are normally guaranteed high-quality and beneficial marijuana.  OG Kush is one of the top-rated strains of marijuana. The popular ganja is a highly demanded strain that’s used for medical and recreational purposes. However, cultivating this cannabis to maturity isn’t easy. This marijuana strain requires close monitoring especially in terms of climate and environment.

It takes between 8 and 9 weeks for OG Kush to flower. A lot of growers usually prefer cultivating it indoors because it’s easier to control the climate and environment. Although you can use soil indoors, a hydroponics system is the most suitable way to go because it provides efficiency. It requires a temperature range of 66 – 80 degrees with a humidity level of about 50 percent. OG Kush produces around 15 -19 ounces of yield per meter-squared indoors and 13-19 ounces per plant when it’s grown outdoors.


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