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KandyPens Galaxy Vape


(4 Grams of Wax/Shatter)



KandyPens Galaxy Vape( One of the most revolutionary and truly innovative vaporizers on the market, the KandyPens Galaxy Vape will take you to the moon and back with its extraterrestrial features.

It’s available in a wide variety of colors, with new limited edition styles available and a star-like glossy enamel sparkle finish that’ll wow the hell out of your stoner friends — especially while you’re blazing some absurdly potent 90% THC concentrate.

Also, made with an advanced quartz crystal atomizer and dual titanium coils, each hit you take is guaranteed to be the purest, tastiest and cleanest vape you’ve ever had – no joke.

The unit is compatible with your favorite reefer wax concentrates, and KandyPen’s flagship power-packed device will not disappoint, even among the greatest dab enthusiasts out there.

And best of all, the Galaxy Vaporizer has a lifetime warranty and just a 5-second heat-up time, as well as 5-star reviews from customers who love the perfect all-in-one wax concentrates vaporizer.


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