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Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer


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Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer.



Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer

The Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer is no stranger to being awarded for its excellence; in fact, it’s a 7-time “Best Product” Award Winner by the gurus over at High Times Magazine (aka the news-centric “kings of cannabis”).

The discreet device has been praised for its unique and reliable features that have been taking the wax vaping world by storm. It features a lifetime warranty, and Cloud V’s new model of the Platinum Vaporizer has a slimmer design and a 40% improved heating capacity so you never have to worry about losing the quality and potency of your THC-laden waxes.

Also, a fun little feature is a fact that you can watch as your vape is being produced through the small glass window opening; sit in amazement as the vapor bellows up like a psychoactive tornado.

You can carry the device inside your purse or pocket, and it’s no doubt one of the easiest ways to take your cannabis with you on the go — and not attract any unnecessary attention.


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