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Albert Walker



THC 15%

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About Albert Walker

No one has come forward to claim the Indica dominant Albert Walker as their own, which means no one knows its genetics for certain. Some surmise it descended from Afghan Skunk and sprung up somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. It gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s by way of Grateful Dead concerts. Often similar to its proposed parent, tasting like lemons and skunk, it is a very aromatic plant with a nearly identical to Afghan Skunk scent.

Albert Walker produces a strong cerebral and physical high. It begins with a wave of heat that can make users sweat. The heat is accompanied by a surge of euphoric energy that can melt away fatigue, anxiety, and stress. Lasting up to three hours or longer, this strain can be good for relieving chronic pain and focusing on the task at hand.

Albert Walker shares a likeness with Afghan Skunk not only in taste but also in its small Indica structure. Capable of growing outside, this strain is most often cultivated indoors with organic nutrients. It can take between seven to ten weeks to deliver a heavy yield, but because this strain lacks stability, nothing is guaranteed. Albert Walker is available as a clone only.

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