Indica Strains

Positive Effects Of Indica Strains:

Known as night time weed, Indica-dominant strains

often lead to increases in relaxation, euphoria, appetite, sedation and sleepiness.

Medical Benefits:

Due to its narcotic effects, medical marijuana patients commonly use indica-heavy weed to treat stress, insomnia and pain.

It can also help with nausea and appetite loss, among many other conditions.

Different Types of Indica Weed: There are many different strains of indica weed.

However, the majority have a small portion of sativa genetics from cross breeding, as it is uncommon to have full indica strains.

Indica Vs Sativa:  The age old question.  Sativa plants tend to grow taller than their Indica counterparts.

Sativas tend to take longer to grow, have less CBD and have

effects that are more uplifting and cerebral in nature.  Sativa strain effects are perfect for daytime

or afternoon sessions as they tend to offer users more energy and and increase in happiness and overall mood.

Indica plants tend to be shorter and bushier and their buds tend to be more dense and the aroma is typically stronger and more pungent.

How to Grow Indica Marijuana Plants? Indica plants tend to grow shorter and bushier than sativas.

The flowering period of indicas are generally shorter as well. Different Indica strains have different grow properties,

so it is always best to do your research before choosing a strain to grow.

How to take Indica Weed? The most common method by far is to smoke it in a joint.

Bongs, pipes, vaporizers and dab rigs can be used as well.

Also, many people turn their weed into concentrates and edibles as other cannabis products for THC consumption.

How to Store? Dark and cool location in an airtight container is always the best choice to extend shelf life. Keep out of reach of children and pets as well.

Side Effects: Due to its narcotic and body buzz effects, indica strains can sometimes cause excess sleepiness, laziness, dizziness, paranoia, and/or nausea.

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